Capcom: SecuROM gets a bum rap

Growing PC games force Capcom has defended controversial DRM software SecuROM, saying that the problems that some have experienced with the anti-piracy measures are more to do with publisher’s implementation than the technology itself.

I think SecuROM in some form will be a part of most of the games we make for the foreseeable future,” VP of strategic planning and business development Chris Svensson told ButtonBasher.

They’ve been a valued partner for us. I still think they get a bum rap for how some companies have implemented their technology, not because the technology itself is bad.”

EA has previously found itself in legal hot water over its use of SecuROM, and chose to subsequently drop the protection from its upcoming PC release The Sims 3 – a decision that some have linked to the early piracy of the title.

Elsewhere in the interview, Svensson added that Capcom’s future PC releases will be released on Steam at the same time they appear at retail – a move that strengthens the publisher’s already strong digital distribution intentions.

For the future, I can say with confidence, Dark Void and Bionic Commando will be on Steam day and date with their retail releases, just as Street Fighter IV will be. Particularly in our Western offices, we take digital distribution very seriously.

In the cases of Lost Planet: Colonies and DMC4, you’re right, they’re not on Steam. They’re not on any digital distribution service actually, not even the Capcom E-Store (and you’re also right that they should be). It’s internal issues that have kept that from happening and it’s something I’m continuing to work on.”

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