Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai reveal new collaboration Project X Zone

The mysterious collaboration between Capcom, Sega and Namco Bandai has finally been given a name – Project X Zone.

The title is an RPG featuring characters from across the three publisher’s portfolio.

From the Capcom camp we can expect Ryu and Ken, Mega Man, Dante and Resident Evil pair Chris and Jill. Sega is offering, amongst others, Virtua Fighter’s Akira and Space Channel 5’s Ulala. Namco Bandai’s roster includes Tekken’s Jin and Ling Xiaoyu and a selection of characters from .hack, Xenosaga and Tales of Vesperia.

More characters will be announced at a alter date.

Andriasang reports that the game’s producer Kensuke Tsukanaka of Namco Bandai got the project off the ground after approaching Capcom, with Sega subsequently becoming involved.

Development is said to be around 50 per cent complete with a release penned in for some time in 2012.

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