Capcom taking MotoGP mainstream

Capcom is targeting a broader audience for MotoGP 09/10.

To ensure the long-running franchise can be a mainstream hit, the upcoming title features more accessible controls.

It also includes four difficulty levels for rival racers allowing non-gamers to tailor MotoGP to suit their abilities.

Capcom is hoping the tweaks give the game potential to be enjoyed by everyone from veteran to casual gamers.

This year we’re going to break away from the various boundaries of previous games, taking the MotoGP franchise to a wider audience than ever before,” said Capcom’s UK product and community manager Karl Reader.

More than just a motorbike game, it will be an experience that is more accessible to newcomers without losing the spirit and competitive nature of MotoGP.

Expectations for MotoGP 09/10 are exceptionally high and we’re confident that we’ll deliver one of the top racing titles of this year.”

Moto GP 09/10 is based on the 2009 season of the popular motorbike championship. Rosters for the upcoming 2010 season will later be made available via a free download.

Capcom is already promoting the game ahead of its March 19th release date with MotoGP showcased at motorcycling consumer expos, starting with today’s Ace Caf London Motorcycle Show.

MotoGP 09/10 will also be promoted at key racing events from May to July, including the Grand Prix at Silverstone, Le Mans, Jerez and more.

This will be supported by an extensive online campaign.

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