Division 1 currently building a new game engine to support VR platforms

Capcom’s Resident Evil team focused on virtual reality

One of Capcom’s flagship in-house development teams has slowed down game creation in favour of working on technology for virtual reality projects.

Division 1 is the department best known for creating the Resident Evil games, but in Capcom’s latest financial report, the publisher reveals the team has a new focus, according to Polygon.

“We are focusing our energy on challenging the virtual reality game market,” wrote Division 1’s Jun Takeuchi, before adding that VR is “the hottest market right now”.

The team has even revealed it is currently “building a new game development engine able to support VR”.

Takeuchi stressed that this does not mean Division 1 has abandoned games development entirely, adding that VR titles will be created “while simultaneously developing titles for current game consoles”.

While no more details about the technology or planned VR projects were given, Takeuchi did tease that a horror game might be in the works.

“An unmatched horror experience making us of the immersive experience only possible with a VR headset,” he wrote while describing possible titles.

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