Dust 514 maker working with Sony to evolve procedures for free-to-play games

CCP negotiates changes to Sony submission process

CCP has confirmed that has being working with Sony to change the platform holders current submission guidelines for free-to-play games.

As a result of its discussions with Sony, CCP has promised to begin rolling out near-monthly updates to Dust 514, its PS3 MMO shooter that recently had its full launch on the console.

“This is unique in the console space, only possible because our friends at Sony work with us to evolve the submission processes to suit free-to-play massively multiplayer titles like Dust,” wrote Atli Mar, Dust 514’s creative director on its website.

“We are intensely devoted to delivering the best Dust 514 experience possible. Over the next few releases, you’ll see us polish the core gameplay systems (aiming and aim assist, controls, vehicle handling, movement on the battlefield) and improve on context and immersion (getting you into a battle, adding a welcome screen, and more). Planetary Conquest will also be getting a lot of love.”

Dust’s next update, Uprising 1.2, is due to arrive tomorrow (July 2). The update includes upgraded visuals and add a new commando dropship class to the fray.

Recently, Microsoft changed its own policy by dropping the fees its charges developers for Xbox Live updates.

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