CEX is selling Kinect-less Xbox Ones for £315

One UK retailer has already started selling Xbox One without Kinect.

An official 350 Xbox One SKU without Kinect will be released on June 9th, but CEX has begun selling the console without the camera already.

Shoppers can order an unboxed pre-owned machine for either 315 or 325 (we’re not sure what the difference between the two versions is) or a boxed option for 340.

The Kinect 2.0 camera itself can be had for 20. Alternatively, CEX will give you 5 cash for the peripheral or 8 of in-store credit.

Incidentally, it is also offering pre-owned PS4s for 330.

UPDATE: GAME has pointed out to MCV via Twitter that it is offering pre-owned Xbox Ones WITH Kinect for 299.99.

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