Check out our Resident Evil 15th anniversary features

MCV is celebrating 15 years of Resident Evil with special retrospectives on the franchise.

Paul WS Anderson, the Hollywood movie director behind the Resident Evil films, gives us his thoughts on the franchise, and explains why he has deviated from the plot of the games. He also gives us his thoughts on 3D and the future of film and video games.

We have also conducted roundtable interviews with the men behind the Resident Evil video games, to discuss the past, present and future of the series.

Finally, we look back at all the major games (and the not so major games) that have made up the Resident Evil series.

Meanwhile, check-out tomorrow’s MCV for our detailed feature on the birth, rise and resurrection of Resident Evil.

For the Paul WS Anderson interview, click here.

For the Resident Evil developer roundtable, click here.

For our history of Resident Evil, click here.

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