COD: Infinite Warfare ‘strengthened’ Infinity Ward’s resolve

The hostile reception that greeted the unveiling of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has only proved to further motivation the team behind the game.

That’s according to Infinity Ward’s narrative lead Taylor Kurosaki and writer Brian Bloom, who in an interview with Eurogamer reflected on the saga that saw the game’s first trailer become the most downvoted on YouTube of all time.

"[The criticism] strengthened our resolve,” Kurosaki said. We just had to get back to it and complete our mission. [Protagonist] Reyes has a mission to complete, we do too. It’s amazing how analogous some of these things are – the burden of leadership is something a lot of people at the studio feel."

Kurisaki also says that the community has become more positive as more details about the game have been shared.

"What we’ve been seeing is, the more assets we put out, the more the response has got more positive," Kurosaki explained. "I’m glad the trend is the way it is. We’re happy the response has been positive," Kurosaki concluded, "but we have to stick to our lathe and focus on making this game the best it can possibly be. Infinity Ward has wanted to make this game for such a long time.”

Bloom added: "It’s a passionate developer, it’s a passionate audience."

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