British firm â??pleased to offer a glimmer of hope during difficult timesâ??

Codemasters on UK talent hunt as jobs go

Longstanding developer Codemasters is on a hiring spree to fill one hundred vacancies across its several development bases in the UK.

The company has told Develop it has already visited Dundee and Nottingham to offer jobs to developers made redundant at Realtime Worlds and Monumental.

“The UK talent pool is amongst the best in the world and although this is a tough time in the industry, there are still great examples of UK achievements,” said Simon Miles, Codemasters’ talent search officer.

The news comes in the wake of news that, since 2008, the UK development workforce has contracted by nine per cent.

“We are were pleased to be able to offer a glimmer of hope during difficult times in detailing Codemasters future plans and the opportunities these will provide,” Miles added.

Project work is underway at Codemasters’ three studio bases in Warwickshire, Birmingham and Guildford. The group said it is focusing work on its own IP such as Grid, Dirt, Bodcount and the F1 series.

“To complement our recent high number of talented new hires we still have over 100 opportunities to build the teams working on AAA tiles and would welcome applications from people that have been affected during recent studio layoffs.”

In April this year India’s Reliance Big Entertainment bought a 50 per cent stake in Codemasters, alongside existing investor Balderton Capital.

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