Alleged missed milestones on Jumpgate project

Codemasters sues dev partner for millions

The British developer Codemasters is suing game studio NetDevil, unearthed court documents show.

Codemasters accuses NetDevil of repeatedly missing development milestones and failing to produce a finished project months beyond its deadline.

The UK firm wants its $1.1 million advance back, court documents suggest, as well as $400,000 for art assets.

As well as its alleged investment, the firm is seeking damages for what’s apparently already been spent on “marketing, localisation, hardware game servers, data centre costs, travel and accommodation”.

It also wants damages, the documents show, for its own internal development costs – which could rise into multiple millions of dollars.

No public response from NetDevil has been made so far. The group will likely deny the allegations.

The project in question is the MMO Jumpgate Evolution, which was once promised would launch by 24th February 2009.

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