COMMENT: ‘PEGI can win through’

The reason is the potential ramifications of the Byron Review – and the subsequent consultation between publishers and Government over pan-Euro PEGI age ratings versus increased powers for the BBFC here in Britain.

I have to be careful what I say next. After all, simply reporting on the debate has made MCV none other than the enemy within” according to one individual paid by ELSPA for his opinions.

That’ll be us and the rest of the independent media then. We’re in good company.

Maybe it is because MCV is read by Government that he worries so. But we would argue that our independent trade publication being in favour of PEGI is better than MCV being a patsy.

MCV is a supporter of PEGI. It is a perfectly viable system for the protection and education of consumers, whilst similarly being the best option for the development of the European games industry. MCV has respect for the BBFC, but this multi-territory business really doesn’t require new parochial powers.

And the cost of responding to a changing of the guard on classification would be potentially crippling for an industry which contributes to the economy, brings great pleasure to millions and, crucially, is already well regulated.

ELSPA will put its case forward in the next week or so, as the consultation period gets under way.

A debate must ensue. And whatever system prevails, it will be the efficiencies of the system and the evidence put forward that matters.

The media should not be thanked or blamed. We should just be allowed to get on with our job.

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