Competitive Call of Duty switches from Xbox to PlayStation

Sony’s new marketing tie-up with Activision’s Call of Duty will extend to the eSports arena.

Having enjoyed a marketing partnership with Xbox for many years (which included a timed exclusivity period on all DLC), Sony announced at E3 that it was now the game’s official partner.

As well as the marketing and DLC perks, however, it has now emerged that competitive Call of Duty at eSports tournaments will be switched from Xbox hardware to PlayStation.

The Daily Dot reports that Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar has confirmed, in his words, that PlayStation is the new home of Call of Duty eSports.”

The site reckons the change is perhaps more significant than it seems, with many COD pros used to playing with Xbox controllers and now having to adapt to the different fell of the DualShock.

Treyarch has previously explained that the deal with Sony makes no difference behind the scenes. Xbox boss Phil Spencer yesterday said that Sony’s growing number of exclusive third party deals was tied to cold, hard cash and not the PS4’s superior market share.

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