Could the PC be the next Xbox?

There’s nothing to suggest it’s true. And as rumours go, MCV would put this in the hugely unlikely” pile. But nonetheless, reports have emerged overnight concerning a shock new direction for the Xbox brand.

GameInformer reports that a persistent batch of rumours from the tech world” suggest that Windows 8 may introduce Xbox 360 compatibility to PCs.

It supposedly works by allowing those running Windows 8 (and a PC with enough grunt to handle it) will simply be able to pop an Xbox 360 disc into their machine and off they go. Xbox Live and the 360 Dashboard are also both claimed to be supported.

It’s added that there will be a premium fee on top of the Windows purchase to unlock the functionality, though this may simply be a subscription to Xbox Live.

Technically there’s no reason why this couldn’t happen. Xbox 360s use a standard DVD drive and by modern standards are quite low spec. However, the likelihood of Microsoft undermining the value of its Xbox 360 console is certainly up for question.

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