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CryEngine 5.2 adds FBX import, simplifies project creation

Crytek has released version 5.2 of its flagship product CryEngine, which improves the animation functionality and overhauls key aspects of the interface.

The animation tools are among the biggest improvements, with 5.2 introducing an FBX importer that allows users to import materials and full animations from other software. The importer has been one of the most requested features by CryEngine users.

Other additions to the animation pipeline include an expanded version of VCloth 2.0 for simulating clothes on characters, and the ability to limit character movement based on shackles, ropes or other constraints.

Continuing the firm’s ongoing efforts to make CryEngine more accessible, 5.2 also overhauls the launcher itself, making it easier to create and manage projects. Documentation has also been overhauled so users can find the tutorials and support they need, and new C++ Starter Templates have been added.

Finally, a new Reporting Tool makes it easier for CryEngine users to report issues.

You can find out more about CryEngine 5.2’s new features and improvements in the release notes.

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