MD Faruk Yerli says only CryEngine can create "true virtual reality experience"

Crytek ‘exploring VR right now’

Crytek is currently experimenting with virtual reality and how its CryEngine technology can power such an experience.

The company’s managing director Faruk Yerli said Crytek has big plans for the VR space, claiming that his team had "already found solutions" to dealing with motion sickness – an inherent problem with most VR devices and titles.

"We are exploring VR right now," he told GameSpot. "We want to show the world true VR experience can only come from CryEngine, the best one. We see VR as an important device for enthusiasts, then going to mainstream probably.

"We want to elevate what we can do here… we hope to one day deliver a fully-fleshed VR experience."

CryEngine is one of the most graphically advanced tools on the market. Last year, Crytek launched a subscription service for the engine, and has no plans to drop this fee – despite recent moves from its competition.

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