Crytek CEO claims visuals are the biggest part of immersion for games

Crytek: Graphics are 60% of the game experience

Graphics account for ‘60 per cent of a game’ and its immersive effects, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has claimed.

When asked by X360 magazine whether he feels better graphics mean better gameplay or not, Yerli gave a frank response.

“People say that graphics don’t matter,” said Yerli. “But play Crysis and tell me they don’t matter. It’s always been about graphics driving gameplay.”

Crytek’s games are known for their bleed-edge graphical fidelity and high polygon models, so perhaps its not surprising that Yerli sees them as an integral part of the experience.

Yerli added: “In Crysis 3, it’s the grass and the vegetation, the way the physics runs the grass interact and sways them in the wind. You can read when an AI enemy is running towards you just by observing the way the grass blades.

“Graphics, whether it’s lighting or shadows, puts you in a different emotional context and drives the immersion.

“And immersion is effectively the number one thing we can use to help you buy into the world.

“The better the graphics, the better the physics, the better the sound design, the better the technical assets and production values are – paired with the art direction, making things look spectacular and stylistic is 60 per cent of the game.”

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