Nottingham studio â??blasting forward at full speedâ?? on multiplayer elements of new shooter

Crytek UK named as Crysis 2 multiplayer dev

Crytek UK, the new name for the studio once known as Free Radical, is exclusively working on the multiplayer component of the upcoming console and PC release Crysis 2.

Developer Crytek swooped for the UK firm in early 2009 after it fell into financial troubles having completed work on the poorly received PS3 shooter Haze. Previously it had made its name with the successful multiplayer FPS series Time Splitters.

Now VG247 reports that the outfit is putting its talents to work on the hugely anticipated next-gen shooter.

“There are several online functionalities we have planned, one of which is the multiplayer experience itself,” Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli stated. “But there are two things I looked at with Crysis, one is the online functionality and the other story.

“With story, I wanted to work with Richard Morgan. On multiplayer, we brought in a whole studio, Crytek UK, to work on the multiplayer. That is all they are doing, with a full team on it, and they are blasting forward at full speed with more focus and dedication than I’ve ever had before at Crytek.

“Because of their multiplayer experience, their job is just to make the most of this experience. So that is all they have to do.”

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