Amplitude Studios’ Dungeon of the Endless

Cultist Simulator mobile publisher Playdigious enters PC and console space

French mobile publisher Playdigious has announced the expansion of its activity to platforms outside of Android and iOS.

It will be publishing four titles to PC and console in the coming months to kick off its new branch: Amplitude Studios’ Dungeon of the Endless, which is “being carefully optimised for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4,” the announcement said, plus Happy Volcano’s The Almost Gone (scheduled for Switch, PC and mobile), Gamious’ Turmoil (Switch) and Pastagames’ Pix the Cat (Switch). The latter is the only one that’s been dated, with a release scheduled for August 8th.

Having been founded in 2015, Playdigious is the porting studio and publisher behind the mobile versions of hits such as Mini Metro, Cultist Simulator and Dead Cells.

Talking to MCV about Cultist Simulator, Weather Factory director Lottie Bevan recently told MCV about the title’s “really good” mobile launch through Playdigious: “We found out that it’s very successful in China, which is bizarre and great because we never localised a game before so it’s quite experimental for us to see where our potential markets might be. Everyone tells you you’re stupid to do premium indie mobile because obviously if you’re making mobile games the money is in free-to-play. But we had a great launch.” You can read more about it right here.

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