Curiosity: Oh, so THAT’S what was inside the Cube!

Peter Molyneux’s grand gaming experiment Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? came to a dramatic end over the weekend.

Having kicked off on November 6th last year, Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh was finally crowned the ‘winner’ on Sunday having tapped the very last cubelet to grace Curiosity’s surface.

His prize? Bryan will get to play god in 22Cans’ next release Godus. And he’ll get a share of the money the game makes.

Arguably the most exciting moments of the process came after its conclusion. 22Cans confirmed it had identified a winner and subsequently confirmed that a message had been sent to winner’s device – which they could only see providing they were still logged in to Curiosity.

A tense wait ensued as the studio waited for the winner to make contact. Then we had to wait for confirmation that said winner would be happy to share his secret with the world – something that Peter Molyneux himself was clearly keen for him to do.

Thankfully Bryan did decide to share the secret. You can see the video he received below.

Of course, Godus was only successfully Kickstarted AFTER Curiosity had gone live. We wonder what the prize would have been had Godus not been greenlit?

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