Daily Mail slams Modern Warfare 2

Well, we’re surprised it took them this long: The Daily Mail has today run a story criticising Modern Warfare 2 for letting ‘players kill civilians in terror attacks’.

Anti-games Labour MP even Keith Vaz offers up a soundbyte dismaying the ‘level of violence in the game’.

Vaz has vowed to air concerns about the game in Parliament today.

An early portion of the game sees players go undercover as a terrorist attacking an airport – where many civilian casualties are shown on-screen.

The scene has already sparked outrage in Australia, where a lobbying group is demanding the game be reclassified.

"Critics have accused creators Activision for being irresponsible with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," says the tabloid.

Keith Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East, adds: "I am absolutely shocked by the level of violence in this game and am particularly concerned about how realistic the game itself looks."

A statement from Activision clarifies: "At the beginning of the game there are two checkpoints where the player is advised that some people may find an upcoming segment disturbing. These checkpoints can’t be disabled. It is appropriately rated 18 for violent scenes."

Previously, developer Infinity Ward’s creative strategist and community manager Robert Bowling said that players shouldn’t view individual sequences out of context when videos of the level in question was posted onto YouTube: "I’d avoid watching and reserve judgement till you play," he said on Twitter, where he has worked to build much of the studiio’s fanbase.

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