Dare to be Digital 2011 team Furnace Games talks exclusively to Develop about working on their entry title Scorcher.

Dare Blogs – Furnace Games

What’s your game?

Scorcher is a multiplayer Kinect game where you play as one of five awesome dragons battling over Ignem Island for precious gold. Fun flighty gestures allow you to swoop and soar about the skies and a quick point of your hand releases fiery dragon breath upon all in your path. Besides battling other dragons, players must watch out for the villagers down below who are none too happy about all their stuff being barbequed from above. These guys will hurl anything up at you from sheep to plungers! Our game is going to be a fun, quick-paced arcade style where anyone can jump in and take flight.

What has the Dare experience been like?

The Dare experience has been amazing. It has been great to meet all of the other teams and work with so many talented individuals who are as passionate about games as my friends and I are. Also, the mentoring program has been invaluable. Besides getting advice from leading industry figures about our current game, as a coder it has been great to talk one-to-one with experienced programmers and get tips that I will be able to take with me to future projects after Dare.

What have you learned from Dare?

I have learned loads about game development production cycles and quick iterative spikes from the coding side. I have also learned a lot about working with a component model design pattern. It has been great to be working so closely with my four other teammates and have been learning a lot about the other aspects of creating games from design, animation and working in a more visual environment from our artists and designers.

Are you looking forward to ProtoPlay?

I am definitely looking forward to ProtoPlay, there are going to be so many great games this year. Also, it has been great to see other participants or mentors try out a quick timed battle and I can’t wait until we can show off our hard work to the public. Not to mention I just love playing as a fierce dragon and am looking forward to playing anyone who wants to face off for the gold.

Team information and videos can be found on the Dare to be Digital team profile.

Also, we have a team Twitter account:@FurnaceGames

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