Bafta winners to release puzzle adventure game on Windows Phone on July 4th

Dare to be Digital veterans see debut title published

Five former Dare to be Digital and Bafta award winners have seen their debut game picked up by Microsoft to publish.

Angry Mango, who developed their unique mobile puzzle adventure game Mush in 2010 for the University of Abertay’s popular development competition, will now finally see their title go live on July 4th on Windows Phone.

Mush requiimageres users to change their character’s mood by touch and tilt inputs on their mobile, which unlocks new abilities to progress through the game, such as changing physics or starting a destructive rage.

"Some of us had worked together on a Windows Phone prototype at X48, but we hadn’t done anything like Dare to be Digital before, let alone built a full game,” said project Angry Mango lead Henry Hoffman.

“We certainly had no idea what a rollercoaster it would turn out to be! It’s been a huge learning curve, but the experience has been incredible."

Lead programmer on the project Ahmed Zaman added: "Working with Microsoft has been fantastic, and we are really keen to build on the relationship we’ve developed as well as the lessons we’ve learned. We do have some ideas in the pipeline, but for now we are just ecstatic to be releasing Mush!"

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