First GaymerX event comes to San Francisco August 3rd

Date set for first LGBT centred games expo

The first LGBT focused gaming Expo will take place between August 3rd and the 4th in San Francisco.

The event began on Kickstarter as GaymerCon, and raised over $91,000 from 1,500 backers.

The brainchild of Matt Conn and Kayce Brown, the expo has since been renamed GaymerX, and will host all the parties, panels, and booths of other events, with a special emphasis on the gay and lesbian gaming community.

"It’s not easy growing up a gay geek gamer," Conn told Mashable.

"I was bullied a lot. I thought I was one-of-a-kind in a bad way. Being a gay geek is kind of doubly hard to deal with.”

Many in the industry complain of the latent homophobia that exist in the gaming community, and until now there has been no event specifically targeted at the LGBT community.

“Gaming is the largest entertainment industry, one that is larger than music and film, yet until now, there has never been a safe space for queer geeks and their friends to come together, discuss queer theory in games as a community, and party as one,” reads the GaymerX website.

“GaymerX is that convention – a weekend of fun, socializing, and educational panels in the heart of San Francisco.”

The inaugural event is supported by EA, Xbox, GLAAD, dot429, Straight But Not Narrow, and The Trevor Project.

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