Dead End Thrills ends the games as art debate

ADD TO YOUR BOOKMARKS: Is the ‘are the games art?’ debate the most tedious in recorded human history? Perhaps.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make one of your main go-to bookmarks. Because you should.

Run by freelance games journalist and former Edge writer Duncan Harris, the site documents game visuals at their very, very best.

Don’t underestimate the work Harris puts into it, either. This isn’t just a lad sitting there taking monitor pics with his iPhone. All games are studiously tuned (and sometimes modded) on his super hi-spec rig to get as mush visual goodness as is possible out of them.

And the results are stunning. Be it Skyrim, Crysis 2, Brink, Bulltstorm, Deus Ex, Gran Turismo or Rage, every gallery will leave you in little doubt that games are beautiful. The artists who craft them deserve recognition, and Dead end Thrills does just that.

And if all of that bores you to tears, the site is perfectly enjoyable on another level – as a collection of fantastic imagery and a great start to a wonderful PC wallpaper selection!

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