Dead Rising 3 Xbox One release result of Xbox 360 limitations

Capcom Vancouver moved Dead Rising 3 from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, after it was determined the game had pushed Microsoft’s current hardware to the limit.

Speaking with Siliconera at ComicCon, Capcom Vancouver producer Mike Jones revealed that the switch was determined while developing the game on PC.

Jones explained that Dead Rising 3 exponentially larger,” than any other Dead Rising game – adding that the first two Dead Rising titles could fit into the world of the upcoming effort multiple times over.”

The studio eventually came to realize that due to the amount of zombies, streaming features and memory budgets it aimed to include in the title, trying to continually work around a maxed-out Xbox 360 console just wasn’t going to be a viable option – and pushing toward an Xbox One release started to make a lot more sense.

Our tech team partnered with Microsoft to get early specs and figure out how we were going to get it on new hardware,” Jones said. The biggest things for us have been the size of the world, the density of the world, the streaming spaghetti of getting everything working with no load zones and seamlessly streaming.

Also, how we build missions in a much larger world like that – how we send you to different districts and how we get you to explore all of these nooks and crannies in the environment. The world building tools, mission scripting tools, and the updates we had to make to our engine, a proprietary engine called the Forge engine we built at Capcom Vancouver, have been the large developer obstacles over the last few years.”

Jones also got into specifics on the nature of Capcom Vancouver’s relationship with Microsoft, explaining that the close proximity with the company has been a boon for communication.

They visit us every week. We go down there every other week. We’ve been essentially merged together,” Jones said. They have done custom work with multi-threading for us. All of the Kinect things, we’re making a game for hardware that isn’t finished that we’re all trying to launch together on day one.

Basically, we’ve been in lock step with them.”

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