Dead Space 3, Crysis 3 US retail sales for February revealed

We now have specific sales figures to go with EA’s relative dominance last month at US retail.

Info provided to Gamespot, following NPD’s February 2013 report, revealed chart topper Dead Space 3 sold 605k units for the month. The game was on top of the UK weekly software charts in its launch week as well.

Crysis 3 came in third on the software chart, selling 260k units despite only being available for 10 days of the period. The game also topped the UK weekly charts in consecutive weeks from its launch.

The numbers indicate that February’s runner-up Black Ops II sold between 260k and 605k physical copies in the US during February. Regardless of whether or not it’s on the high end of that range, Activision’s latest CoD effort is still moving a solid amount of copies months out from its launch last November.

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