Dead Space and Mirrors Edge sequels on the way

Admittedly, it was a given that titles like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge were going to get sequels, but EA boss John Riccitiello has in an investor call spoken publicly about the projects for the first time – though he has also insisted that EA will not force an annual sequel model on them.

As for titles like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge, I think you can absolutely expect those titles to come back in one way, shape or form, but they’re not likely to be annual sequels,” he stated.

Riccitiello also spoke of a third outing for Pandemic’s Mercenaries series.

Dead Space entered the UK Charts in sixth spot last week, and currently commands a very respectable 89 per cent on reviews aggregation site Metacritic. Mirror’s Edge is due out in the UK on November 14th and has been heaped with praise in the specialist press.

Riccitiello’s statement came as part of his response to EA’s latest financials, in which it was confirmed that the publisher would be laying off around six per cent of its workforce.

Source: CVG

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