Mobile platform holder and developer becomes 36th company in trade body

DeNA joins Entertainment Software Association

The Entertainment Software Association has picked up another member in mobile developer DeNA.

This brings the total number of companies in the trade body to 36, and is an important contribution to the association’s ability to represent the mobile sector.

“DeNA is a leader in developing and publishing social mobile games and pioneering new technologies, with an established reputation in Asian markets and tremendous growth potential in the U.S. market,” said ESA president and CEO.

“The company will continue to be an innovative player in this space. We look forward to representing and working with DeNA as it leads in innovating and developing creative new game play experiences.”

DeNA was formed in Tokyo in 1999 and has grown from a small startup and mobile developer to become the holder of one of mobile gaming’s most important platforms, Mobage.

“It’s very important for us to be part of an association that is dedicated to protecting the policy and business interests of the gaming industry in the U.S.,” said DeNA CEO Isao Moriyasu.

“ESA provides valuable counsel and support as we expand our social game offerings and undertake new ventures to grow our business and our customer base in the West.”

The ESA is best known for its legal representation of the games industry in such high profile cases as the Supreme Court ESA vs. Schwarzenegger, but also provides market research and policy analysis.

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