E3 2011: Scottish studio overcoming past troubles as titleâ??s platforms confirmed

Denki’s Quarrel finds publisher, release imminent

UTV Ignition has announced that it will be publishing Denki’s casual word game title Quarrel for iOS and console download platforms over the remainder of 2011.

The announcement, which was made at the ongoing E3 event in L.A., marks the conclusion of a difficult development for the game.

Following a collapsed deal for Quarrel’s release that last year saw the studio having to slash its employee count, a secured new publisher will be very welcome news to Denki staff and the troubled Scottish industry in general.

Denki creative director Gary Penn was in understandably high spirits at the latest development in his studio’s history.

"Quarrel is a deceptive beast. Sure it’s a classy word game but there’s an equally suave strategic soul, a depth of personality that unfolds the more you play against the disarmingly human A.I. opponents," he said.

"Its distinctively endearing style, and charm makes it unique. Whether you play word games or not, it’s packed with moments you have to share."

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