Steve Jablonsky contributes theme tune and 'key music' for EA's blockbuster

Desperate Housewives composer signed for The Sims 3

Steve Jablonsky, composer for the Desperate Housewives TV series and films such as Transformers, has been signed by EA to provide key music for The Sims 3.

Jablonsky, who also worked on the upcoming Command and Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath, has composed an original theme tune for the title, as well as other pieces of music tied to modes of play and locations in the game’s new neighbourhood.

“It is extremely exciting to be involved in a blockbuster project like The Sims 3, where the music sets the tone for the entire user experience,” said Jablonsky.

“Working on one of the most anticipated games in the world, not to mention the best selling PC franchise of all time, is quite an honor and I’ve had a blast getting to know the Sims 3 team of talented individuals.”

Ben Bell, executive producer of The Sims 3, added: “We are very excited about the new direction of the music in The Sims 3. We really wanted to convey the significance of the seamless open neighborhood with each aspect of this game because it is a key innovation from the previous game and Steve has done that beautifully with the sound.”

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