Destiny 2 is officially confirmed

Bungie and Activision have gotten the ball rolling on Destiny 2.

The game has now officially been announced via Twitter, although it will be of little surprise to those who saw the leaked promotional material that emerged online last week.

That particular leak pointed to a release date on September 8th, which would be almost exactly three years after the launch of the first game. It also suggested there would be a beta, with PS4 owners getting first shot.

None of these details are official, however. Nor do we know whether the game might this time also be gracing PC, although reports last year suggested this would very much be the case.

Destiny 2 rumours have been circulating for a long time now. Back in late 2015, it was revealed via court documents that the first Destiny was originally planned to come out in 2013, with ‘Destiny 2′ set for launch in September 2015. The delay was reportedly to make major changes to the title’s story – one of the most-discussed elements of the game following its release.

It was then claimed that Destiny 2 had been pencilled in for September 2016, but was again delayed. It was said at the time that Bungie’s leadership was uncertain about what content it wanted to launch for Destiny 1 last year and what will be held back for Destiny 2.

A 2017 release was confirmed in February 2016, with Activision Publishing president and CEO Eric Hirshberg saying: We have incredible success on our hands with Destiny that we’ve created with Bungie, the partnership between Activision and Bungie has proven to be a potent one and we don’t see that changing. I think Bungie’s proven themselves to be a capable team over many years and many games and combinations of leadership.

So while the decisions that they made recently related to their organization are up to them, we’re confident that our interests remain 100 per cent aligned and that we’re going to continue together to deliver amazing content for our shared fans."

It was subsequently claimed that the director of The Taken King expansion has been put in charge of Destiny 2 development, and that the game had been rebooted”.

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