Destiny locks multiplayer event behind a paywall

The first paid expansion to Destiny has been released – and with it comes a punishment for non-DLC buying players.

Destiny each week offers players the chance to take part in an Heroic Strike event that offers high-level gear rewards for top players. However, Polygon reports that this week’s offering – The Will of Crota – is only accessible to those who have paid 20 for The Dark below DLC.

Those trying to access this week’s Heroic Strike are greeted simply with the message ‘Expansion Required’. Reddit users have also suggested that Engrams – the key to unlocking some of the game’s more powerful loot – are now also currently locked behind the paywall.

Bungie is not currently offering an alternative Strike for those who have opted against paying for the DLC.

Strikes are rotated each week so it is reasonable to presume that subsequent events will be available to all, although specific details have not yet been confirmed.

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