We break down the first of our three main categories for this year's awards

Develop Awards 2015: How to enter – Creativity

With less than a month to go until the deadline for nominations, we’re going to be taking a closer look at how you can enter your game or studio for the Develop Awards 2015.

This year, we’ve re-organised the awards into three main categories – Creativity, Tech & Services and Studio – and this week we’ll be breaking down each one for you, helping you find out how many awards you’re eligible for.

Below you’ll find the categories and criteria for the Creativity awards. Alternatively, you can find the full guide on how to enter here.

Nominating couldn’t be simpler. In fact, we’ve boiled it down into four simple steps. 

  • Write a short pitch of 350 words – remember to mention which award you’re nominating for.
  • Provide five bullet points highlighting any relevant features or accomplishments.
  • Add a list of links to any videos, images, music, websites and so on that support your nomination.
  • Email your nominations to developawards@nbmedia.com before 5pm UK time on Tuesday, April 21st.

Once submissions are sent in, they will be vetted by the Develop Team and the finalists will be announced in a few months.

The Develop Awards 2015 are supported by Gold Partners UKIE, Amiqus and Unity, Table Gift Partner OPM and Event Partner Aardvark Swift. Unity is also partner for Micro Studio Award. 

The awards ceremony will be held at the Brighton Hilton Metropole on Wednesday, July 15th during Develop: Brighton 2015. To book your ticket now, contact Kathryn via khumphrey@nbmedia.com.

Contact aboucher@nbmedia.com or cnangle@nbmedia.com to find out about the opportunities available, both at the event and in editorial coverage before, during and after the Awards. 

The Creativity category includes the following awards:

  • New Games IP
  • Use of a Licence or IP
  • Visual Arts
  • Audio Accomplishment
  • Use of Narrative

And here’s the requirements for each one:

New Games IP

Who’s eligible?

Any UK or European studio-made IP released for the first time in the last year, either as a boxed or downloadable product. New IPs should have introduced an original brand plus new gameplay aspects and/or original characters to consoles, portable devices or PC.

Previous Winners

2014: Tearaway (Media Molecule)
2013: Clash of Clans (Supercell)
2012: Frozen Synapse (Mode 7 Games)
2011: Enslaved (Ninja Theory)
2010: Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream)
2009: LittleBigPlanet (Media Molecule)
2008: Lost Winds (Frontier Developments)

Use of a Licence or IP

Who’s eligible?

Any game released in the previous 12 months by a UK or European studio that is a proven quality title, but is based on an external property (licensed or otherwise) not owned or created by its developer.

Previous Winners

2014: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Traveller’s Tales)
2013: Angry Birds Star Wars (Rovio)
2012: Batman: Arkham City (RocksteadyStudios)
2011: F1 2010 (CodemastersBirmingham)
2010: Batman: Arkham Asylum (RocksteadyStudios)
2009: LEGO Batman (Traveller’sTales)
2008: LEGO Indiana Jones (Traveller’s Tales)
2007: LEGO Star Wars II (Traveller’sTales)

Visual Arts

Who’s eligible?

Any UK or European studio that has demonstrated impressive graphical and/or distinct, iconic design work in the games or gaming content it has produced and released during the past year. 

Previous Winners

2014: Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto V)
2013: Crytek (Crysis3)
2012: Ubisoft Montpellier (RaymanOrigins)
2011: Playdead (Limbo)
2010: Black Rock Studio (Split/Second)
2009: Media Molecule(LittleBigPlanet) [For BestAudio&Art]2008: Rockstar North (GTA IV) [For Best Audio & Art]2007: Rare (Viva Piñata) [For Best Audio & Art] 

Audio Accomplishment

Who’s eligible?

Any UK or European studio that has demonstrated 
pitch-perfect audio design, sound, or music creation in its games released during the past year. This refers to the audio design of the whole game. Use of licensed and original tracks can be taken into account.

Previous Winners

2014: EA DICE (Battlefield 4)
2013: Sony London Studio (Wonderbook: Book of Spells)
2012: EA DICE (Battlefield 3)
2011: Somethin’ Else (Papa Sangre)
2010: FreeStyleGames (DJ Hero)
2009: Lionhead Studios (Fable II)
2008: Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto IV

Use of Narrative

Who’s eligible?

Any game that has made clear efforts to balance storytelling and gameplay design, or experiment with how they are combined. Finalists will be those games that have successfully mixed narrative into the interactive experience. A project’s specific writers will be credited where possible.

Previous Winners

2014: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Starbreeze Studios)
2013: Thomas Was Alone (Mike Bithell)
2012: Dear Esther (The Chinese Room)

You can find the full guide on how to enter here. Remember to send your nominations to developawards@nbmedia.com before 5pm UK time on Tuesday, April 21st.

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