Develop Awards 2017 Spotlight: Aardvark Swift

The Develop Awards is not the only annual event that will be celebrated at the Hilton Brighton Metropole on Wednesday, July 12th.

Recruitment specialist and Develop Awards sponsor, Aardvark Swift, will be on stage celebrating the best of what the UKs students are producing with the Grads in Games scheme and the Search for a Star competition.

"The UK houses some of the most standout talent in the world when it comes to games development," said Aardvark Swift managing director, Ian Goodall. "The Develop Awards shines a light on the UK’s very best and recognises the hard work that goes into every facet of making a video game. Aardvark Swift is proud to be partnered with one of the highlights of our industry’s calendar and we’re looking forward to attending the night!" We’re also excited that the awards will once again play host to our Search for a Star awards ceremony and highlight the continued need to invest in our home-grown student talent."

This year will see three of the winner from the Search for a Star competition on stage to receive awards for their achievements. But the journey for some of the finalists has already begun. At least three of the finalists have already been recruited and publically announced by some of the UK games industry’s best studios, including d3t, Sumo Digital and nDreams.

The importance of recognising the ability of graduates and the backing of the games industry to educate new talent is paramount. One of the things that this year’s competition highlighted was that there was still a lot of room for improvement in getting women into the games industry, or at least to attract more female students learning skills at a higher education level.

This will be helped by Aardvark Swift who is championing new female talent in the games industry. The recruitment specialist also sponsored the Breakthrough Talent Award at this year’s Women In Games Awards. "We want to shine the spotlight on the best up-and-coming female games developers," said Goodall in April 2017. "We want to inspire young girls at school to take an interest in programing and game art, and young women who’re filling in UCAS applications. We want to show them that a career in games is a real thing and that it’s within their reach."

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