Mick Hocking to discuss pros and cons of the new technology

Develop Conference reviews Sony’s first year in 3D

SCE senior director Mick Hocking has been booked for a high-profile 3D gaming talk at the upcoming Develop Conference.

Hocking’s address will balance a promotion of 3D gaming with tales about what can go wrong with 3D content.

He will provide “a glimpse into the future to see how new technologies may shape the 3D gaming experience in coming years,” according to event organiser Tandem.

The event takes place on the third day of the conference, Thursday July 21st.

“I’m really looking forward to giving this keynote at Develop,” Hocking said.

“I’ll be doing a 3D post-mortem from Killzone 3, and also showing how we implemented 3D as an advanced post effect in SOCOM 4.

“I’ll look at how we used a 2D camera for 3D augmented reality in EyePet Move. Actually being able to show these on a big screen with surround sound will make all the difference for the audience,” he added.

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