Energy Hook raises $7,000 by second day despite low funding target

Developer launches $1 Kickstarter

A former Treyarch developer has launched a $1 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

Developed by Jamie Fristrom, who has previously worked on titles such as Spider-man 2, cel-shaded title Energy Hook takes cues from the comic superhero by allowing players to swing between buildings around a city.

So far the game has garnered over $7,000 from 103 backers, with 30 days still remaining.

Fristrom said he started a $1 Kickstarter campaign as he intended to finish the game “no matter what, even if I don’t raise a dime”.

Despite this however, he went on to state he had taken to Kickstarter because he felt it would be “irresponsible” to work on the title for longer if there wasn’t enough interest due to having a family to support.

Fristrom explained that the number of features and levels in the game would depend on how much funding he raised, which could lead to more staff being brought on for the project. He added that the game would include at least five levels and 30 challenges.

“In other words, I don’t need your money. But I need your money,” he said.

As well as the $1 Kickstarter goal, a number of stretch goals have been included in the campaign identifying which features will be unlocked depending on how much is raised.

Hitting the $10,000 milestone will unlock leaderboards, trophies and gear customisation, while reaching $40,000 will mean Oculus Rift support, a new level and original music and audio.

The stretch goals currently reach up to $130,000, which would result in an art makeover created by a full-time artist, although it is not clear what changes this would mean.

It is also not currently clear what Kickstarter’s policies are regarding projects that only require $1 to be funded when the aim is to receive a higher amount. If succesful, this tactic could then conceivably be used by future developers looking to fund their projects through Kickstarter.

Develop has reached out to Kickstarter for comment.

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