Devolver reveals new PC title Ronin

Ronin is the next title from indie publisher Devolver Digital.

Developed by Tomasz Waclawek, Ronin is a turn-based ninja action title that, in the words of the studio, follows the exploits of a vengeful heroine determined to strike down five prominent figures of a powerful corporation”.

Some have drawn parallels between Ronin and Tom Francis’ Gunpoint. Indeed, even Waclawek himself has described it as a Gunpoint rip-off”. Francis, however, has moved to dismiss the chatter.

It’s clearly not a Gunpoint ripoff, because the core mechanics are so different,” he said. A lot of what it does copy is superficial, and that stuff doesn’t matter. But the jump is pretty central, and if that was directly taken from Gunpoint, I’m delighted.

I wouldn’t want anyone to reuse Gunpoint’s artwork or music, but the ideas in it are absolutely there for the taking. Every non-standard thing about it, from the jumping controls to the saving system, I did because I wanted more games to be that way. If there’s actually a case where Gunpoint caused more games to work this way, that’s a huge thrill for me.”

Devolver was today named as a finalist in the Indie Games Label category of the 2015 MCV Awards. Its previous titles include OlliOlli, Luftrausers, Hotline Miami and Hatoful Boyfriend. It will also publish the upcoming Titan Souls and Hotline Miami 2.

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