Diablo III gaining 100 Paragon levels in upcoming patch

Blizzard will be adding a new ‘Paragon’ system to Diablo 3 that looks to adjust endgame content as well as the Magic Find system.

The upcoming tweaks to the Magic Find system stem from player feedback, specifically frustration over then unfair nature of swapping gear.

The endgame additions don’t come as a shock given Blizzard’s own assessment of what’s currently in place. Though it does appear to be yet another case of pandering to consumer demand.

So how will the developer go about remedying the game’s current shortcomings?

Game director Jay Wilson explains in a post on the Diablo 3 blog that once a player reaches level 60, character experience earned will go towards Paragon levels. An increasing border around the character portrait denotes the player’s progress in the upper-level mode.

There’s 100 levels to in all, each offering a reward such as extra strength, dexterity, intelligence, or vitality along with a three per cent Magic Find and Gold Find.

The time investment to get to the upper Paragon levels is supposedly around the same as the time required to get to level 99 in Diablo 2.

Blizzard hasn’t provided a release date for the patch as of yet, but mentions more details will arrive soon.

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