Dice+ brings traditional dice rolling to digital games

A new type of die hopes to change the way people play virtual board games.

Dice+ can be used to interact with a digital board game, whether it’s played on a tablet, mobile or traditional game platform.

It contains a number of patents and works out elements of the selection process itself, such as the number of players and who goes first. Up to five Dice+ can be rolled at once.

Steven May, who led the Interact video game accessory brand back in the ’90s, is leading the team to bring Dice+ to digital table tops with inventorsChris Trzebuniak and Patrick Strzelewicz.

A statement read: "There are over 11,000 board game designs registered around the world, over 4,000 of them have already made it to the digital platform in one format or another, and all of them have something missing.

"They are all missing the tactile interaction with the roll of a dice. All of these games originated with an old wooden cube with six different possible outcomes but we controlled it. Nowadays algorithms imbedded within the game do it for us, but what would be like if you could roll a dice that interacted with game whether on a traditional game platform, tablet of even mobile? Well that’s what the team at Dice+ have done."

May added: "This is such a simple product concept, when you see it you just look at it with your jaw open wide and then a smile on your face.

"The possibilities with Dice+ are endless, not just with taking the everyday games we know and love back to interaction, but in the developer community, who will see new ways of using the six options each time a Dice+ is rolled."

We are now looking to work with the game brands, developer community and the peripheral industry to bring dice rolling back to the masses."

Dice+ will be attending Toy Fair from January 22nd to 24th, and is available to meet. You can contact Dice+ by calling Steven May on 07546 931642 or emailingSteven.may@dicepl.us

Story originally published on Toy News

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