Discounted multiplayer-only COD Black Ops III launches on PC

Activision has taken the interesting decision to release a cut-down multiplayer-focused version of Call of Duty: Black Ops III on Steam.

Called the Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Multiplayer Starter Pack, the release ditches the entirety of the single player campaign. Also gone are a handful of other features including the co-op Zombies mode and the ability to Prestige (the level cap is restricted to 55).

Players are also barred from custom multiplayer games, unranked servers and access to mods. They can, however, team up with owners of the full game in Public matches.

However, with a price of just 11.59, many will likely be tempted. Furthermore, those who choose to upgrade to the full game will have the price of the Starter Pack deducted from the bill. Starter Pack owners can buy an additional Season Pass if they so wish, but they will only get access to the multiplayer content.

It appears that the Star Pack is a limited offer and is only available until February 29th.

Activision revealed last week that Black Ops III has so far exceeded practically every key and commercial engagement metric” expectation.

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