Disney ‘flips toys-to-life on its head’ with Playmation

A new system that integrates video and real-life play has been unveiled by Disney.

What is Playmation? It’s kind of hard to say at the moment. There’s a video below that gives you an idea of the concept, but many questions remain about how the idea actually works in real-life.

Disney describes Playmation as the next step in the evolution of play where digital gets physical and imagination becomes real”. It combines smart toys and wearable tech to inspire kids to run around and use their imaginations” and will work with a companion app.

Required tech includes smart toys, wearables, wireless technology and motion sensors. The official website pictures a physical arm attachment as well as actual toy figures standing on a portal of some sort, a la Skylanders.

You’ve heard a lot about ‘toys-to-life’ lately, and Playmation flips that idea on its head,” the company said. An entirely new play system, Playmation takes the best digital play experiences and puts the player in the center of the story – in real life.

Instead of using toys to create a screen-based experience like toys-to-life, Playmation brings the best of digital to real world play, using connected toys, wearables and customised Disney stories to allow kids to play alongside their heroes and heroines in the real world.

Is Playmation a video game? No, Playmation is an entirely new category of play – unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will go through familiar gameplay experiences of levelling up, earning points and completing missions There is a companion app, but Playmation is not meant to be played in front of a screen. Instead, you become part of the story in real life–running around and using your imagination to complete missions and go on exciting adventures.

Disney also said that the game does not require a constant internet connection or a screen and can be played outdoors, although bright light might interfere so it says to stay in the shade.

Playmation will launch with a Marvel Avenger’s Starter Pack including one piece of Avenger ‘Gear’ – the Repulsor – two Power Activators and two Smart Figures in the form of Captain America and Iron Skull.

Here’s the trailer:


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