Disney: It’s the perfect time for a game movie

Wreck-It Ralph should clean up at the Box Office as games become increasingly mainstream, says Disney.

The movie tells of a villain from a fictional 8-bit arcade game trying to find a new role as a good guy in more modern games such as sci-fi FPS Hero’s Duty and Mario Kart-style racer Sugar Rush.

Hype for Wreck-It Ralph is growing amongst consumers as word emerges of cameos from classic characters such as Bowser and Sonic the Hedgehog.

But Disney says it’s not just hardcore fans that will love this film – now that games are a staple of the living room, there will be something for everyone.

Video games have been around for 30 to 35 years, so you get a perfect spectrum of people,” the movie’s producer Clark Spencer told MCV.

There are people in their fifties now who played those first 8-bit video games and kids who play today’s most modern type of games, so there’s enough range that you can have this movie appeal to everybody.

Had this movie come out ten or 15 years earlier, I think we’d be in a different place in terms of the way the video games market has grown and the history it would have. It feels like it’s the right moment in timeto release a movie about video games.”

Wreck-It Ralph will reach UK cinemas in February.

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