Dissidia Final Fantasy 2 confirmed

Square Enix has announced that a sequel to Final Fantasy Dissidia is in the works.

The catchily titled Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy will arrive sometime next year exclusively for PSP. The name refers to the ‘12th battle’ – a new war that the game revolves around, with ‘duodecim’ meaning ‘12′ in Latin.

Dissidia’s sequel features a mix of heroes and villains from past Final Fantasy games, and again offers a mix of RPG and beat ‘em up gameplay. The game also boasts a new Assist Mode where players can choose a character to fight alongside them, with new story missions, costumes and combat mechanics.

Confirmed characters include Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and Kain from Final Fantasy IV, with more to be announced over the coming months.

Square Enix’s VP of PAL region brands Larry Sparks said: Fans demanded it, so we’re delighted to deliver with a follow-up to the smash hit Dissidia Final Fantasy.

With more characters, missions, costumes and combat features, the world of Dissidia just got a whole lot bigger.”

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