Divinity Original Sin rewarded people who read its EULA

No-one reads the EULA, right? Well Divinity Original Sin developer Larian Studios decided to put that to the test.

The end user license agreement for the game’s Enhanced Edition on Steam contained the following titbit at the end:

16. Special Consideration. A special consideration in material or immaterial form may be awarded to the first 100 authorized licensees to actually read this section of the EULA and contact LARIAN STUDIOS at info@larian.com. This offer can be withdrawn by LARIAN STUDIOS at any time.

And it turns out at least 100 people did read it, netting some free Steam keys for other Larian games in the process.

We did a little experiment yesterday with the release of Divinity-Original Sin – Enhanced Edition to discover if people actually do read end user license agreements,” the studio explained. We’re telling you now because the results are in and it turns out that you in fact do read these things.

Our lawyer feels good about this. He’s also revoking the consideration because we’re making him pay for every mail we get.”

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