Doctor Who arrives on PlayStation Home

Fans of the BBC’s sci-fi flagship Doctor Who can now download content for PlayStation Home (remember that?) based on the hugely popular show.

PS3 owners can now dress up their avatars in the Eleventh Doctor’s iconic tweed jacket and bow tie (bow ties, as we know, are cool) and wield the Sonic Screwdriver, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Alternatively, they can don companions’ costumes such as River Song’s catsuit or alien outfits based on the Silurians and the Silence. They can even have a pet Cybermat follow them around the virtual community.

And, of course, the Tardis makes an appearance, serving as a private room that PS3 owners can invite their friends too. While inside the Tardis, users can film their own Doctor Who-style adventures and upload them automatically to YouTube.

Last week, Sony announced Harry Potter-themed content is in the works for PlayStation Home.

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