Doom featured in upcoming Mythbusters episode

Television program Mythbusters will take a look at the Doom franchise this weekend, to see if it’s actually possible to carry all the in-game items available to the player.

The video posted by Bethesda earlier this week reveals the upcoming collaboration between Discovery’s show and id Software’s FPS series. id’s Tim Willits will join hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to recreate a level from the game and explore the possibilities – and likely impossibilities – of the Doom universe in real life.

The group relies on Doom and Doom 3 BFG Edition for reference material. The footage shows off a large set dressed up in the vein of Doom’s dark interiors, with a variety of guns, a chainsaw, health packs and armor laid out throughout the area.

The episode airs January 31st on Discovery. Here’s the preview:

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