Dragon Age II in DRM row

Dragon Age fans have accused Electronic Arts and BioWare of hiding controversial DRM measures in their latest release.

According to anti-DRM consumer watchdog Reclaim Your Game, the recently released Dragon Age II contains the SecuROM-related Sony Release Control and have protested that the game’s developer and publisher failed to inform them, VG247 reports.

Both BioWare and EA have contacted Reclaim Your Game, but the organisation declined to help calm the subsequent outrage because the firms did not declare the presence of Sony Release Control before the game was released.

Instead, the two games companies had insisted that would not be any SecuROM digital rights management in Dragon Age II – which has fuelled several attacks and accusations on the BioWare forums.

Several BioWare staff has since responded to forum members, confirming that the game contains Sony Release Control. But they claimed that while the mechanic was developed by the team behind the notorious SecuROM DRM, it is not the same system.

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