Dragon Age II more streamlined than Origins

BioWare has assured consumers that Dragon Age II will be a more streamlined experience” than its predecessor.

The studio’s executive producer Mike Laidlaw told PlayStation Universe that the game would have a good balance between the main storyline and side quests, describing it as a more aerodynamic” game.

The original game was criticised for its lengthy campaign, which took up to 100 hours to complete. Laidlaw has promised the sequel will be shorter than Origins, but a bit longer than Mass Effect’s.

The game will take longer with side quests,” he said. At the same time, you can get through the story quite a bit faster because so much content is off to the side. Mileage will always vary… And you won’t have to spend a year in character creation.”

Dragon Age II is due for release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11th.

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