Dragon Quest X announced for Wii

Square Enix has announced the next entry in its long-running RPG series, Dragon Quest, will be released on Wii, and could be exclusive to the platform.

The revelation was made at the publisher’s recent press conference where the series creator Yuji Horii confirmed Dragon Quest X will appear on Nintendo’s bestselling console, according to Joystiq. The game will be the first official entry in the long-running RPG series on the current generation of consoles.

While no other formats were mentioned, it was not confirmed that this iteration of the series would be exclusive to Wii. However, the past two Dragon Quest games have been exclusive to their respective platforms. The previous edition, Dragon Quest IX, is exclusive to DS, while VIII is only available on PS2.

While no other details were given for the tenth entry, the company did reveal Dragon Quest IX will finally launch in Japan on March 28.

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