Dragon’s Lair: The Movie restarts crowdfunding campaign

The cinematic adaptation of animated adventure game Dragon’s Lair has rebooted its crowdfunding campaign – despite being halfway to its funding goal.

The iconic laserdisc title is being revived by movie director and original Dragon’s Lair creator Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, who were seeking $550,000 on Kickstarter.

That money was planned to go towards a 10-minute conceptual 2D animation they could then use to secure investors for the full $70-million feature film.

The effort saw more than $241,500 pledged before the creators suddenly shut down the page this week, announcing that they would be taking the project to rival crowdfunding site Indiegogo instead.

No reasoning behind the move were given, but Bluth and Goldman did announce that the new campaign would kick off on December 1st.

They added that backers should expect a stronger, more valiant campaign, modeled after many of your suggestions”.

Launched in 1983, Dragon’s Lair was most recently resurrected for a re-release Steam in 2013.

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